express divorce

Express Divorce in the
Dominican Republic

The “Express Divorce” in the Dominican Republic is a fast-track process specifically for foreigners and Dominicans living overseas. One spouse appears at a hearing in the country and receives the divorce decree quickly and efficiently.

Similar to standard divorce proceedings, this process requires the execution of a formal separation agreement due to the mutual consent of both parties.

This agreement outlines critical aspects such as:
  • The equitable division of shared assets
  • Arrangements for child custody if applicable.
  • The alimony obligations to be fulfilled by the husband for both his spouse and underage children throughout and post the divorce proceedings.
The agreement should grant jurisdiction to a judge in the Dominican Republic and must be formally signed before a public notary within the jurisdiction of the marriage’s domicile.

⇒Furthermore, it mandatory translation into Spanish and to apostille both, the original and translated versions by the relevant authority.⇒

In addition to the aforementioned separation agreement and power of attorney, supplementary documentation may be required:
  • Marriage certificate duly apostilled.
  • Your address abroad.
  • Birth certificate of children in common, if any, duly apostilled.
  • Copy of identity documents of both parties.
  • Information about the agreements that the parties have reached regarding maintenance, custody and assets.
  • Full or partial payment of the package according to the plan.
  • Scan and email all documents to the legal office.
  • Send the originals physically via mail through services like DHL, FedEx, or others.